The Rules Have Been Loosened

The Rules Have Been Loosened

Until recently, Danfoss have had very strict rules around the sale of compressors and controls for flammable refrigerants, e.g. Ethane (R170), Propane (R290), Butane (R600), Iso-Butane (R600a), and Propylene (R1270). These rules have now been loosened.

Danfoss sells compressors and controls for use in systems with flammable refrigerants. Previously they required that customers signed a special agreement with Danfoss. This is no longer required in EU and EFTA countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.

The relaxation in rules is due to a combination of two things:

  1. Increased usage within the HVAC&R industry, resulting increased competence in the market.
  2. Because safety standards are now in place (specifically EN 378 and EN/IEC 60335) which are integrated as part of the legislative framework.

This means that it will be much easier for refrigeration mechanics to supply and install Natural Refrigerants such as Oz-Chill. That way more people benefit.

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