GD290 Propane Gas detector designed for the refrigeration market

GD290 Propane Gas detector designed for the refrigeration market

GD290 Propane Gas detector designed for the refrigeration market

gd290The GD 290  is a unique high reliability propane gas detector that is completely fail safe and ideal for  use in new Propane based refrigeration gas  systems to provide a first line means of detection of a leak of Propane gas .

The detector is fully encapsulated to prevent moisture ingress to the state of the art of electronics. It is housed in small safe contained housing with LED indication of any sensor drift and alarm status. The unit is factory set to detect gas at <10 %  LEL Propane . The unit has a set of volt free contacts which operate on gas alarm. Power failure, loss of sensor, loss of cable connection making it failsafe The unit can be powered from 12 ~ 28 v dc . The technology used allows the sensor to power continuously without loss of calibration and it will not be affected if exposed to gas in excess of 100% LEL propane.

The unit is small enough to be placed inside the OEM equipment ( close to a potential leak )  and robust enough to be positioned externally in areas that may be exposed  to gas.

The system interface is straightforward, 4 wires ; 0. +ve   and two switched contacts normally closed)

The technology employed in this device has been used in the following applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Process plant
  • Banks
  • Vehicle borne applications
  • Caravan/ trailer applications
  • Boiler rooms (LNG module)
  • Propane / Butane storage
  • Refrigeration plant rooms

Multi sensor systems

In order to hook up multi-sensors all the normally closed contacts can be wired  in series   to provide a loop similar to an intruder alarm circuit thereby allowing it to interface  to any manufacturers shut down or process control or

What customers saying:-

“Over 500 units installed and not one field failure in 4 years. It does what it says on the label “’

Mr F Spiteri         Smokeshield

“I have been recommending these to my clients for a few years and know they have been happy with the product and technical support”

Mr D Walker       ICR Pty Ltd


What a consultant to the air conditioning and refrigeration Industry has to say:

IAQ Consulting recommends the use of the GD290 gas sensor supplied by Gas Detection Australia as a stand- alone sensor that can be mounted around your AC&R plant in areas that could pose a risk area of a gas leak. As this gas sensor has a volt free contact, it can be used to connect to an Alarm or Fault connection should there be a leak. This contact can be connected to your BMS to alert the building manager or even drive a solenoid valve closed to prevent any further refrigerant leaking into the space and isolate power to the system.

There are many alternative Gas Safety controls supplied by Gas Detection Australia to suite any plant applications such as Multi Head VRF systems, Rooftop Package Units, Air cooled or Water cooled Chillers, Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms and Ice Machines.

The GD290 is a low cost reliable solution for small projects and single unit applications.

Lindsay Pelser  CEO
Consultant to the Air conditioning and Refrigeration Industry

For more information on where to purchase the GD290, please contact Oz-Chill Refrigerants via 1300 83 50 30   or

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