About Us

About Us

Who is the College of Climate Change?

The College of Climate Change is the trading name for the Oz Eco Group PTY LTD (ABN 14138200781).

The College provides training for the air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) industries

The hydrocarbon courses are designed for air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, technicians, manufacturers, engineers and consultants. We run these courses throughout Australia, including all major capital cities and rural locations.

As the use of hydrocarbons and other flammable refrigerants like HFO-1234yf and HFC R32 continue to be introduced into the Australian Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industries, it is important that the industry and trades are educated and trained in their safe use and applications.


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – We provide a number of hydrocarbon training courses and options for qualified air conditioning and refrigeration technicians from all industries. As Hydrocarbons are still a relatively new refrigerant, it is vital that training and education is provided for the safe use of this refrigerant

As air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers and parts manufacturers all over the world start to introduce more and more products designed for R290, R600a and other natural refrigerants, there is no greater time and need for training. As these systems and refrigerants continue to increase in popularity, The College of Climate Change understands there is a real need for training and an understanding of how to safely use these refrigerants in Australia.

With far better thermal efficiency, a density approximately half that of chemical refrigerants, a lower temperature condensation point and better/higher critical temperatures, without question, hydrocarbons are a vastly superior product.

As a direct response to the ever increasing cost of power and diminishing company profits, the College of Climate Change focused its efforts on two of the largest consumers of power in most companies, with the intent of maximizing efficiency through the provision of carbon reducing products and services. From wall splits to roof top packaged units to hot water heat pumps, our solutions encompass the entire range of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

As a company, we stand firmly behind a philosophy which reflects both the highest standards of professionalism and 21st century mandates. On a corporate level, The College of Climate Change Environmental Management System follows a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing, and improving processes and actions to meet its environmental obligations. On a social level, we are committed to maintaining a healthy environment by implementing sustainability projects as well as practicing and adhering to current procedures. And finally, on an individual level, all directors and employees demonstrate an individual commitment and responsibility to our corporate and social policies, and any associated environmental objectives and targets.

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