Refrigeration Doctor Receives Surprising Call From Customer

Refrigeration Doctor Receives Surprising Call From Customer

doctorBrian Summerfield from the Refrigeration Doctor received a recent call from one of his customers. His customer has a frozen kebab business and is required to deliver frozen kebabs from their factory on to their customers individual stores. They are delivered using refrigerated vans and they’re vans usually have to be driving at 100km/hr to keep it at minus 18.

The vans were originally fitted with an R404 belt driving compressor refrigeration system to power the back section, frozen storage. It was designed to run at minus 18, but would only achieve that temperature when the van was running at 100km/hr on the freeway. Anything under 100km/hr and the van would struggle to keep the products cold and it wouldn’t be able to maintain temperature.

After the customer blew up a compressor, it had to be replaced (belt driven compressor off engine). So Brian replaced it with a brand new compressor and brand new dryer. Next he evacuated the system down to 100 microns and then proceeded to charge the system with Oz-Chill’s OZ-50 hydrocarbon refrigerant. The original charge of R404 was 5.5kg, so Brian used just 3kg’s of OZ-50 in the van. The van was then tested in the factory and everything was working well.

Brian’s customer left that afternoon with a van full of kebabs and rushed them off to his customers. About 90 minutes later Brian received a call back from the customer. “What the hell have you done to this van …..” Brian quickly thought, oh no what have I done wrong? The customer then continued “I’m sitting at the traffic lights and this thing does not move off minus 18. It maintains temperature at traffic lights, in traffic and in this heat! I don’t have to worry about running at 100 km/hr to keep it cool anymore.”

The customer was so happy, he wanted to know what Brian had done and how he had done it.
Brian was so excited to hear back from his client. He said that in his line of work, it is not often that he hears praise, congratulations or thankyous from his customers, so it was great to have such positive feed back on such a great result.

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