Multinational Giant Nestle Switches to Natural Refrigerant

Multinational Giant Nestle Switches to Natural Refrigerant


Multinational food and beverage company Nestle has announced that they are systematically introducing more environmentally efficient ice cream freezers using natural refrigerants like Oz-Chill across Europe.

Having seen the environmental and financial benefits of making the switch, Nestle have pledged that in 2014 onwards that all new horizontal ice cream chest freezers bought in Europe by Nestle will use only natural refrigerants.

These natural refrigerant ice cream chest freezers are proven to reduce energy consumption by more than a third compared to existing systems.

Up until now, Nestle has already introduced almost 20,000 freezers worldwide that use natural hydrocarbon refrigerants. The company has also made a significant investment to replace existing synthetic refrigerants with natural alternatives in over 90% of its industrial refrigeration systems.

I believe we are going to see more and more of these large companies make the switch, as the financial savings alone makes it a no-brainer decision. The environmental benefits that go with it just make it that much better!

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