The Carbon Tax Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

The Carbon Tax Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon


Many big businesses have been pushing to abolish the Carbon Tax because of the financial pressure it puts on industries. The HVAC&R industry in particular has been affected.

The senate is currently voting on the Carbon Tax Repeal Bills, but the Greens and Labor party have made it known that they will be blocking the legislation in the new financial year. This means that it will be September 2014 at the earliest that the Senate will make the vote.

So what does all this mean? It means that the Carbon Tax Repeal Bills won’t be introduced to the Senate for almost 12 months which will postpone the government’s carbon tax timetable. Many are saying that this will create big problems for industry.

Business groups are saying that the longer it takes to abolish the tax, the more expensive and complex the repeal will become. On the other side of the coin, the Labor Senators said passing the Carbon Tax Repeal bills would be “irresponsible” with a lack of a “credible” emissions reduction policy in place.

Labor and the Greens have agreed to split the package of bills to force separate votes on the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and the abolition of Clean Energy Finance Corporation as part of the Carbon Tax Repeal.

Industry leaders are saying that this entire process has become extremely difficult for business to effectively plan ahead with the uncertainty.

But in the face of all this uncertainty, whether the Carbon tax stays for another 12 months, or multiple years, Oz-Chill will remain unaffected. It will remain the cheaper, reliable alternative saving you and your clients money and at the same time being responsible about the environment.

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