Best of 2011 – the most popular news on

Best of 2011 – the most popular news on

2011 saw several conversions of production plants to hydrocarbons in developing countries, as well as new hydrocarbon products Best of 2011 – the most popular news on hydrocarbons21.comand investments in serial production. Meanwhile, end-users continued the deployment of natural refrigerants in line with their sustainability commitments, while major policy developments such as the opening of the US market to hydrocarbons, the HFC tax in Australia, or the prospect of a strengthened policy on f-gases in the EU prepare the ground for an even better year for hydrocarbons in 2012.

Read on for an overview of the most popular articles published on in 2011 month by month, including on industry events, the latest in hydrocarbon technology and policy developments.


Long-awaited SNAP ruling opens US market to hydrocarbon refrigerants

China’s leading air conditioner companies shift to R290


UNEP launches report on why and how to avoid HFC climate impact

Propane air-conditioning project in Indonesia increases energy efficiency by 15%


Cuban experience in the safe use of hydrocarbons

New technology allows safe use of high-efficient HC in MAC

Towards industrial scale production of HC chillers and heat pumps

Precautionary principle favours natural refrigerants, MEP tells ATMOsphere Europe 2011 participants


Hydrocarbon refrigeration, what every technician should know

New Zealand: Lessons learnt from cold store explosion

EU seeks views on further action to reduce f-gas emissions

Marks and Spencer opens its second “sustainable learning” retail outlet


Danish R290 chillers & heat pumps manufacturer uses Danfoss hydrocarbon optimised products

R290 heat pumps: prototype testing in Norway; simulations in Austria


A worldwide first: Chinese manufacturer starts production of R290 room ACs

Australia announces carbon equivalent price on HFCs


Testing a hydrocarbon drop-in replacement for R22 in commercial AC

Cooling India: hydrocarbons for supermarkets and at high ambients

Project to further the uptake of hydrocarbons in India and beyond


Hydrocarbon technologies showcased at UNEP Maldives conference

Transitioning from HCFCs to low GWP refrigerants: how to overcome the barriers


Fresh & Easy to test propane cases in the US


US: soon an end to HFC134a in motor vehicles?

Soon in the US and beyond: Compressors with hydrocarbon blend R441A

EuroShop 2011: Hydrocarbon products on display


PepsiCo installing 14,000 hydrocarbon display units in Ukraine

AHR Expo 2011: Industry prepares for hydrocarbons introduction

UL issues white paper on hydrocarbon refrigerants


200 Lidl stores to feature R290 technology by 2012

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