Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

*For the complete policy & procedures download the student handbook found under the resources tab


Fees & refunds

CITA charges fees for items or services provided to students undertaking a course of study. These charges are generally for items such as course equipment, amenities fees and training and assessment services.

All students are issued with an invoice prior to enrolment clearly stating the full cost of the course relevant to them. This invoice will itemise fees including tuition fees, enrolment fees and amenities fees. Fees include a non-refundable enrolment charge. CITA does not collect more than $1500 in advance from students prior to enrolment.

Fees are charged for recognition of prior learning.

Payment method

CITA accepts payment for fees using:

             Credit Card

             Electronic Funds Transfer

             Cheque

             Payment in cash is not permitted.


Guarantee of Service

CITA is committed to completing the outlined training and assessment once students have commenced their study and to meeting all of its student responsibilities. In the unlikely event that CITA is unable to commence or complete the course, it will, if possible, arrange for the agreed training and assessment to be completed through another RTO (Fees may be incurred).

Prior to the transfer to another RTO, affected students will be formally notified of the arrangements, and an agreement to those arrangements, including any refund of fees, will be obtained. If transfer is not possible, CITA will provide a refund of any unused portion of the fee.


Consumer Rights and Statutory Cooling Off Period

Under the Australian Consumer Law, most products and services bought in Australia come with automatic guarantees that it will work and do what you asked for. Businesses must provide these automatic guarantees regardless of any other warranties they give to you or sell you. If a business fails to deliver any of these guarantees, you have consumer rights for:

  • repair, replacement or refund
  • cancelling a service
  • compensation for damages and loss.

See the NSW Fair Trading website for specific information on guarantees, contracts and warranties as it applies in NSW. https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/buying-products-and-services/guarantees,-contracts-and-warranties/contracts

Please also see the information in this Student Handbook on:

–     Complaints and appeal policy and procedure.

–     Fees and refund policy

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations require a person to be informed of their right to a statutory cooling off period. A statutory cooling off period is defined within the Australian Consumer Law which was introduced in 2011. A statutory cooling off period (which is 10 days) is a period of time provided to a consumer to allow them to withdraw from a consumer agreement, where that agreement was established through unsolicited marketing or sales tactics. These include tactic such as door-to-door sales and telemarketing. A statutory cooling off period allows a consumer to withdraw from a sales agreement within 10 days of having received a sale contract without penalty. All students are recommended to refer to the Australian Consumer Law, Sales Practices Guide for further details about a statutory cooling off period and our general obligations for consumer protection during the enrolment process.

It must be noted that CITA does not engage in unsolicited marketing or sales tactics and therefore a statutory cooling off period is not likely to be applicable to our learners who have enroled into a program. For refund option in other circumstances, learners must refer to the refund policy.



CITA, undertakes to ensure that it provides financial safeguards for fees, charges and subsidies received from all students and training service clients. We ensure that all fees and charges paid are recorded in the appropriate manner so as to guarantee financial integrity.

CITA, takes a fair and reasonable approach to refunds. CITA will apply an administrative processing fee of $500 for any refund. This is cover the cost of the materials and expense involved in accommodating a student’s session and training.

In special circumstances if the student can help replace their requested place on a course with someone else administrative processing fee will not be applicable.

CITA may in its absolute discretion, refund some or all course fees where it determines that there are extenuating or compassionate circumstances. Refund for part course fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis of the booking price. The pro rata calculation will not include the enrolment fee which is non-refundable. E.g. if a student completes only 50% of the course, then they would be eligible for a 50% pro rata refund, less the enrolment fee and administrative processing fee.


Withdrawal and Refunds

Any withdrawal or associated refund request for a course must be submitted in writing, using the appropriate application form that can be found on the website and emailed to accounts.

The following information must also be included.

  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s contact information
  • Student’s USI
  • Date of effective cancellation
  • The reason for the refund request
  • Bank account information for refund (ACC/BSB)
  • Any supporting documents

Note: If a student requests withdrawal due to hardship or illness, evidence will be required (e.g. medical certificate) the non-refundable enrolment fee and administration fee will be deducted from any eligible refund. Issuing a refund is at the discretion of CITA.   All requests for refund or withdrawal will be processed on an individual basis.


Statutory cooling off period

The statutory cooling off period begins upon signing the enrolment agreement. If a student changes their mind within the 10-day period they will receive a complete refund.


Full Refunds

Students are entitled to a refund if Construction Industry Training Australia fails to provide the agreed services.

Below outlines situations where if course fees have been received, a full refund of all payments will be issued:

  • CITA has cancelled the course program or session prior to commencement.
  • Fees have been paid incorrectly or have exceeded the amount that was published and agreed upon. Only the money exceeding the published amount will be refunded.
  • The Director agrees to a full refund due to extenuating circumstances under the refund policy

No Refund Situations

  • Students will not be entitled to a refund of any course fees if they are removed from the course for serious misconduct.
  • There is no refund if the student fails to attend the course unless there is evidence which can be provided of a suitable reason. Any refund is at the discretion of CITA.
  • There is no refund if an eLearning student has begun their online course and has been provided with the course learning materials and documentation but does not continue.



There is no additional fee if a student requests to be rescheduled to another time, location or course with at least five days notice. However they will have to pay any outstanding amount for the alternate session, if applicable.


Additional information

  • Approved applications for refund will be processed within fourteen (14) days of notice of withdrawal. All applications for refund will be reviewed and authorised by the Director.
  • Any student grievance or complaint regarding cancellation or refunds are to be submitted to CITA using the appropriate form on the website
  • Refunds will generally be paid via electronic funds transfer
  • CITA reserves the right to cancel a scheduled course due to insufficient enrolments, with at least 5 days notice provided to students. Where this happens students may elect to receive a full refund of fees paid or to reschedule to another time.
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