R32 Training

R32 Training

college of climate change - HFC R32 Training

R32 has recently been introduced into the Australian Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry. However little is known about R32, it’s properties and how to safely handle and use this chemical refrigerant. The College of Climate Change has created a course in which you will learn all about HFC R32. This will include:

  • What is HFC R32?
  • Why are manufacturers turning to R32?
  • How to safely install R32?
  • What safety equipment is required for handling R32?
  • How to transport and store R32?
  • Plus much more

This course will include both theory and practical components. ***Course dates and more information coming soon.*** Please provide your expressions of interest now to info@collegeofclimatechange.com.au or call 1300 558 625   http://www.climatecontrolnews.com.au/news/arrival-of-r32-in-australia http://www.airah.org.au/imis15_prod/Content_Files/HVACRNation/2013/Nov13/HVAC_Nov13_01.pdf

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